Patent is a monopoly right granted to a person who has invented a new and useful product or a new process of making a product. The owner of patent can sell this property, grant licenses to others to exploit the property or even surrender it.

“One Invention = One Patent = One Industry”

Our comprehensive IP services secure protection to your invention on a global scale.  Our endeavor is always to provide high quality services in a cost-effective manner. Based on the robust techno legal background and experience of our consultants and attorneys, we assure rapid turnover with quality assessment and dynamic commercial solutions at a low cost. We are also the Facilitator for Patent Services under Government of India’s Start-up India Stand-up India Scheme.

Our Patent Related Services are

  • Prior art searches
  • Drafting & Filing Patent Application
    o Provisional Specification Drafting
    o Complete Specification Drafting
  • Dealing with Office Actions
  • Patent Prosecution support
  • International Patent filing and formalities
    o International Phase
    o National Phase
  • Filling Demand for International Preliminary Examination

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